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Were I Not Frail and Half Broken Inside →


Were I not frail and half broken inside,
I wouldn’t be thinking of them, who are, like me, half broken inside.
I would not climb the cemetery hill by the church
To get rid of my self pity.
Crazy Sophies,
Michaels who lost every battle,
Self-destructive Agathas
Lie under…

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You can’t tell me “Seven Things” by Miley Cyrus about Nick Jonas wasn’t the holy grail of shade to your childhood. 16 year old Miley was breaking a guitar hero guitar, having close ups of her fiddling with his diabetes necklace, and scribbling out faces of Nick in photos of her and him all throughout that video. Disney Channel was a wild ride when Niley broke up.

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If you never used your period to get out of something you didn’t want to do, you’re lying.

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cuddling is probably one of the most passionate forms of love there is because you just feel so safe and close to the person and it feels like all your worries go away and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world

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